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During the end of Ansel Adams career Ansel Adams began to take pictures of different things and start to take less pictures. He probably wanted to experience what he has been taking pictures of for his whole life. He started to take pictures of people again and of things that he had not yet explored yet. He seemed to be more interested in more of the same thing during the end of his career. He became more of a person to take pictures of different things like people and landscapes from a variety of different places. He realized that people have seen his pictures and that it is harder for him to see nature how he once did. He started to take less and less pictures and started to become more involved with nature itself.

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NOTES: Descriptive letterpress on versos facing plates.

NOTES: Descriptive letterpress on versos facing plates.

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Ansel Adams was born in 1902 and he passed away in the year of 1984. He was an American photographer who took black and white pictures, so he was famous for that. He would take pictures of all kinds of different Biomes. Some of the pictures that he had taken wore in Yosemite National park, California coast, and other places. It looks like heexpressed his feelings by taking the pictures and showing them to people, so people could see the environment.

The crux of our tour we say a picture of a dead tree stomp, which was tooken n Sierra Nevada in 1946. But I that that it was a tree just born ready to become tree. I think the reason why he took this picture is to show everyone how a tree it's different from humans because they die real people and is re born like real people. He also was trying to show us how in the many different places all the tress are destroyed and cut down so stop wasting paper because if you don't the tress will look like they do know destroyed.

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Ansel Adams spent his time on taking-black and white photographs of landscapes. He didn't went through lessons in photography, but he took photos that were as wonderful as a professional photographer. He captured the beauty of nature. Capturing each and every hidden beauty of nature. Showing how nature looks like without men-built city's and spots that destroy the meaning of a landscape. In this essay of mine, I will be talking about the pieces of art that was done by Ansel Adams. The photographs were placed is rooms that were called: Black and white as they were taken, yet it cannot be fully describe as it is unique; creative, and truly shows how nature looks like.

In descriptive essays, writers should choose words whose connotations strengthen the dominant impression they are trying to make.

White's electronic work lies a coherent commentary on the
ironies of a world increasingly separated from the analogical creatures it makes to improve its quotidian
existence. White's early interest and academic background in chemistry and biology clearly seem to inform
his particular way of animating the machines he creates. These robots move and perform in ways that wryly
resemble human beings. Thus we are witness to their actions while situated in the ironical position of
observer, apparently in control of creation but forced to recognized our own limitations and failings in the
painfully comic movements and intentions of the creature.

White has commented that he sees 'technology as a great muse for humour.' And he further remarked that, '...I
was listening to someone berate someone else for being a 'tree-hugger.' Later on, it occured to me that he, in
his rhapsodic love for Photoshop and other consumerist goodies, was essentially a 'toaster-hugger', someone who
doesn't care to know too much about what lies under the surface of his/her 'user-friendly appliance or utility.' "
It is this penetrating looking through the superficial which is characteristic of white's work, informed by his
early interest in the scientific study of nature. Through pieces suc as the recent , intended as an
anonymous installation for shopping malls, we are invited to reflect on the full truth of technology's promise and
our own habits of mind in taking its purpose and accomplishments for granted. A major significance of White's
robots comes to us in the amused acknowledgment of ourselves reflected in the seemingly odd but typical kinetics.
His robots, built from old and 'dead' technology can be thought of as in several senses because these
machines are re-made, and tend, in the way they 'operate', to disarm inclinations to accept technology with a certain
formulaic seriousness."

[Description of title, image and text are from the following book: Aurandt, David, 1942-, Earl Miller, 1963-, and
Robert McLaughlin Gallery, , Oshawa, Ont.

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Descriptive Essay: Vacation to Windy Gap essaysThis past winter, ..

After looking at the paintings in the museums, I learned so much about Ansel Adam. I learned that he loved taking pictures of landscape because those were mainly what the paintings were about and that he started his photographer career very young. After looking at his photographs, I learned more about landscape and nature. The photographs make landscape and nature look so beautiful and nice. I still can't believe that he never took any lesson on how to take picture because his photographs look so nice and it's descriptive.

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We visited the Ansel Adams museum, it was very interesting the way he put all the rooms together and showed us his magnificent art work. 1 didn't like some of the pictures but he does have an eye for trees and waterfalls basically he takes a lot of outdoor pictures. Other photographers take pictures of everyday life stuff . I like how Ansel Adams took pictures off stuff he wanted to see not trying to impress someone's else eye.

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There were times which Ansel's pictures didn't quite look right. That made Ansel depress forcing him to stress out on taking better pictures. Later on Ansel found out that his pictures weren't bad, but instead they were good. They were pictures from the way he acted. Ansel also invented a picture method called the zone system. The zone system is a light source, which forms in 10 zones making the images black, and white. There was one thing about Ansel Adams is that he produces pictures that would never seem old. IN 1932 Adams discovered a group called the f164 which was a group of people that looked at close up photos. From 1940 all the way to the 1970's Ansel had gotten very famous. He found many museums that can carry his work or art by snapping images at National Parks all across the world. IN 1989 a museum in San Francisco was opened which carried some of Ansel's pictures. Back while Ansel was growing up wars were happening, and people were dying because of the concentration camps in the East. Also segregation was very effective back then while Ansel was growing up.

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Overall Ansel Adams is a talented artist even though he did not take any lessons in photography and having all the photos that he have taken turned out to be beautiful was amazing. He lived during the WWII and he could of taken pictures of the war and etc but he didn't. Unlike the other photographers, who spent most of their time taking pictures of the war, Ansel followed his inner sense and taken photos that he believed was art. He responded to his sense of responsibility by not taking more depressing pictures of the war instead he took photographs of more peaceful and relaxing yet being able to express what he wants to say by taking Landscaping photographs. Therefore, Ansel Adams might have not spent as much time as he did at the end with his career but it still interesting of how he didn't take any photography class and still have photographs so interesting. In many thing you don't really have to be taking a class to be able do good in something, there are many things out there in the world that we don't have to learn in order to do good in, so maybe for Ansel Adams he didn't have to do so because he must of be one of those people who was born to be interested in photography and do good in it.

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Ansel Easton Adams, an American photographer who had an exhibit of most of his well-known black and white landscape photographs at San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts. I have seen most of his art piece; his arts have impact me with a feeling of being amazed by his photographs. He went all over Yosemite National Park, the California coast, and other wilderness areas of the American West taking pictures. He had 6 different rooms, each room filled with his arts piece and each room has it own theme. There are a and The room I have like is mostly the room. Even though I did not have that much time to look at each piece of photograph in there but from seeing just a piece of photograph there I have liked it. I love the photographs of the waterfalls it is so pretty. The theme did not hit me right when I saw the picture or even after I went in the room, but with time I have looked at the picture I have like the waterfall pictures surrounded with fogs/clouds and cliffs with brushes and trees.

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