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Human nature guides us as individuals to do the right thing.

The job seeker is also experienced in nature, hiring process and employee attendance. The essay accomplishments section is a human way of conducting natures. The designed a about wide recruitment, interviewing and skill matching message.

In Rosand's view, the beautiful woman is not herself identified with the forces of nature, except as a product of them, subject to their ravages; symbolically, she is allied with the realm of art, as image of perfection and permanent substitute for transitory life.

Human  is nothing but the determination of the will by the strongest present desire.

These three principles are purely human nature Hobbes argues.

Every International relations theory has its specific assumptions about human nature.

Nature to all things fix'd the Limits fit,

And wisely curb'd proud Man's pretending Wit:

As on the Land while here the Ocean gains,

In other Parts it leaves wide sandy Plains;

Thus in the Soul while Memory prevails,

The solid Pow'r of Understanding fails;

Where Beams of warm Imagination play,

The Memory's soft Figures melt away.

One Science only will one Genius fit;

So vast is Art, so narrow Human Wit;

Not only bounded to peculiar Arts,

But oft in those, confin'd to single Parts.

Like Kings we lose the Conquests gain'd before,

By vain Ambition still to make them more:

Each might his sev'ral Province well command,

Wou'd all but stoop to what they understand.

– But, which is worse, this argument ofuniversal consent, which is made use of to prove innate principles,seems to me a demonstration that there are none such; becausethere are none to which all mankind give an universal assent.I shall begin with the speculative, and instance in those magnifiedprinciples of demonstration: “Whatsoever is, is; ”and “It is impossible for the same thing to be, and notto be,” which, of all others, I think, have the most allowedtitle to innate. These have so settled a reputation of maximsuniversally received that it will, no doubt, be thought strangeif any one should seem to question it. But yet I take libertyto say, that these propositions are so far from having an universalassent, that there are a great part of mankind to whom they arenot so much as known.

First, the simple perception of naturalforms is a delight.

First follow NATURE, and your Judgment frame

By her just Standard, which is still the same:

Unerring Nature, still divinely bright,

One clear, unchang'd and Universal Light,

Life, Force, and Beauty, must to all impart,

At once the Source, and End, and Test of Art

Art from that Fund each just Supply provides,

Works without Show, and without Pomp presides:

In some fair Body thus th' informing Soul

With Spirits feeds, with Vigour fills the whole,

Each Motion guides, and ev'ry Nerve sustains;

It self unseen, but in th' Effects, remains.

Some, to whom Heav'n in Wit has been profuse.

Want as much more, to turn it to its use,

For Wit and Judgment often are at strife,

Tho' meant each other's Aid, like Man and Wife.

'Tis more to guide than spur the Muse's Steed;

Restrain his Fury, than provoke his Speed;

The winged Courser, like a gen'rous Horse,

Shows most true Mettle when you check his Course.

Their views on human nature and government had some common points and some ideas that differed.

For Alberti, Nature was a vestigial female personification (carried over from the medieval allegorical figure of Natura), "the wonderful maker of things" who "clearly and openly reveals" such things as the correct proportions of the human body.

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Human nature guides the course of one’s actions and thoughts.

Can humans as we know them (human nature) “humane”.

But if in Noble Minds some Dregs remain,

Not yet purg'd off, of Spleen and sow'r Disdain,

Discharge that Rage on more Provoking Crimes,

Nor fear a Dearth in these Flagitious Times.

No Pardon vile Obscenity should find,

Tho' Wit and Art conspire to move your Mind;

But Dulness with Obscenity must prove

As Shameful sure as Importance in Love.

In the fat Age of Pleasure, Wealth, and Ease,

Sprung the rank Weed, and thriv'd with large Increase;

When Love was all an easie Monarch's Care;

Seldom at Council, never in a War:

Jilts rul'd the State, and Statesmen Farces writ;

Nay Wits had Pensions, and young Lords had Wit:

The Fair sate panting at a Courtier's Play,

And not a Mask went un-improv'd away:

The modest Fan was liked up no more,

And Virgins smil'd at what they blush'd before--

The following Licence of a Foreign Reign

Did all the Dregs of bold Socinus drain;

Then Unbelieving Priests reform'd the Nation,

And taught more Pleasant Methods of Salvation;

Where Heav'ns Free Subjects might their Rights dispute,

Lest God himself shou'd seem too Absolute.

Pulpits their Sacred Satire learn'd to spare,

And Vice admir'd to find a Flatt'rer there!

Encourag'd thus, Witt's Titans brav'd the Skies,

And the Press groan'd with Licenc'd Blasphemies--

These Monsters, Criticks! with your Darts engage,

Here point your Thunder, and exhaust your Rage!

Yet shun their Fault, who, Scandalously nice,

Will needs mistake an Author into Vice;

All seems Infected that th' Infected spy,

As all looks yellow to the Jaundic'd Eye.

But the most frequent is that of the weakness of human nature.

The principles of Nature's true order --largely mathematical and proportional-- might be inferred from disparate imperfect examples by the artist, who could reproduce them in corrected form.

Give your assessment of these various understandings of human nature-

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