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The common translation of the name Odysseus is "Victim of Enmity".

Odysseus couldn't possibly do it all on his own. Like he said, he was just

a mortal man, and like any mortal he needed help at times. Being able to

admit this makes Odysseus an extraordinary man, but none the less just a

man. He experienced the emotional and physical constraints characteristic

of any human.

"All his body was swollen, and the salt water bubbles from mouth

and nostrils...and awful weariness overcame him."(71). His body physically

suffered from all that was demanded of him during his journeys. He was not

immortal, and did experience pain like other people, though it usually took

more to affect him. Odysseus was also known to occasionally make mistakes,

getting himself into tricky situations. After he had safely escaped from

the clutches of the wretched Cyclops, he tormented the mighty beast,

causing him to, "break off the peak of a tall rock and throw it..." (110).

While Odysseus is trapped inside of the cave of the Cyclops, he begins to taunt Polyphemus.

Essay On Odysseus Character Traits Free Essays

One of the major themes that he portrays is that temptation can befall any man, even Odysseus....

This way, the Cyclops would be blinded and the sailors could make their

escape. Odysseus also displayed the strength of a hero through his epic

journey. He was an, "indomitable man..." (49). He really was incapable of

being subdued or overcome, possessing great amounts of physical strength.

The Odyssey, a journey of determination, patience, and virtue, tells the tail of Odysseus, the main character, on his voyage home to Ithaka after the end of the Trojan War.

Odysseus - character traits essays

Most men would succumb to the exhaustion of twenty years of obstacles, but

not Odysseus. His strength never faltered, and the Greeks figured, "he

must be made of iron..." (143). When sailing away from Calypso's island, he

was informed by Ino that Poseidon would destroy his raft, so he swam for

two nights and two days, an act that would have caused a lesser man to

perish. Odysseus also displays his heroic strength when he returns to

Ithaca. Upon arriving home and finding over a hundred suitors trying to

steal his wife, he took his revenge. With only his son to help, he killed

all the intruders, despite the fact that he was greatly outnumbered. While

intelligence and strength were the main defining qualities of a heroic

Odysseus, he had other important characteristics as well. He was great at

disguises and an exceptional liar. Upon his arrival to Ithaca, he posed as

an old beggar; able to fool even his own devoted wife. He was even able to

conceal his feelings of joy until the right time; a difficult task

requiring much strength for anyone who has had an extended absence from

their home and family. Odysseus was well away of his heroic triumphs,

saying, "I could tell you of more sorrow than theirs, which I have borne

from first to last..." (85). He realized he had experienced more obstacles

in his own life than a normal person, and yet was able to overcome it all.

Odysseus portrays his selfishness right as the book begins and this shows how truly incompetent of an individual he is....

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free essay on The Odyssey, Odysseus Character Analysis

Traits of Odysseus Essay - 552 Words - StudyMode

Calypso would often observe Odysseus, "...sitting in his usual place on the

stone, wearing out his soul with lamentation and tears." (63). Being held

prisoner on an island made Odysseus very upset. Feelings of helplessness

and missing his family drained him of any heroism and left him very much an

ordinary man, giving in to his emotions. There were times when Odysseus

wanted to give up. Before arriving in the lad of the Phaecians, "he tossed

about for two nights and two days on the rolling waves, always looking for

death." (70). The physical pain he was experiencing under the direction of

Poseidon was too great for even this strong warrior, and he felt death

would be his only relief from earthly suffering. Yet, in this hour of

trial when the entire world seemed to forsake him he managed to survive

once again. He made it to land, where he took shelter in a thicket near a

river. His suffering was far from over though.

Essay on Odysseus Man of Many Traits ..

While Odysseus has the intelligence and strength of a hero, he

still experiences emotional pain, and struggles with life just as any human

being does. The emotional and physical trauma he experiences are

characteristic of an ordinary man, which keep him human and easier to

relate with. Odysseus was not a perfect hero, and had his bad days. Not

surprisingly, twenty years of hardships took its toll. Sometimes he was

simply, "wretched and miserable..." (62). While on the island with Calypso,

for instance, he really missed his own home, and this left him with a

sorrow that at times could overcome even his strongest heroic qualities.

Odysseus - Character Traits Essay

The average human can relate to Odysseus'

human qualities, while admiring him for the heroic traits they can only

hope to attain, making him so popular. Odysseus has the skills, strength,

and intelligence to qualify him as a hero, yet he still possess the

emotional constraints of a human, which together enable him to survive the

chaotic disorder of his adventure. His journey was rich with people and

places and totally unpredictable, just as life is for everybody. From

ancient Greeks to today's reader, it is easy to commiserate with Odysseus

while at the same time idolize him for dealing with life as it came at him.

Odysseus Character Traits Essay

From the earliest Greek society to today's modern reader, Odysseus

is ever popular for the heroism he displayed in his adventures, while still

experiencing the human emotions that make him seem more realistic. After

traveling for twenty years, he no doubt became well known, not only for his

accomplishments as a warrior and a hero, but also for his qualities as an

exceptional human being. Odysseus is best known for dealing with the wrath

of gods and goddesses. He dealt with Poseidon, Circe, Calypso, and

numerous others, and was well known on Olympus for this. He was especially

popular with Athena, who cared greatly, "for that glorious man Odysseus."

(37). From the beginning Athena took a special interest in Odysseus,

helping him to return to Ithaca and his family once again. She even refers

to him as "Odysseus Laertiades, prince never unready!" (271). He was

indeed always ready to his obstacles, never faltering under the

difficulties of the tasks and the strain of being away from home. Odysseus

was equally popular among the mortals. When Telemachos was asking about

his father, king Menelaos says, "Dear me, I did love that man." (47). The

Greeks loved Odysseus not only for his ability to survive harsh conditions,

but for his "famous cleverness..."(66). His popularity began as a warrior in

the battle of Troy, where he devised the wooden horse for the secret attack

on the Trojans.

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