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Dr. Frank believes that the loss of energy and the physical deterioration associated with aging are due to the increasing breakdown of nucleic factors (DNA and RNA) that are needed for healthy cell functioning. When he put his patients on a diet rich in DNA and RNA foods, he expected to see improvements in energy levels and wellbeing as the nucleic components were made available for repair and replacement of cellular nucleic acids. (DNA and RNA in all living things are made up of the same basic chemical building blocks.)

Since CGF is a concentrated form of DNA and RNA, it is a very potent healer. Research shows that children who take CGF develop no tooth decay, and their dentition and maxillary-facial development is near perfect. These children report fewer illnesses, they grow earlier to a larger size with a higher I.Q., and they have better social skills. There also are case reports of patients with dramatic tumor remissions after taking CGF in high amounts.

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RNA polymerase uses the nucleoside triphosphates (NTPs: ATP, GTP, CTP, UTP) and RNA polymerization occurs just like DNA polymerization does.

RNA polymerase uses one strand of the DNA molecule as the template strand with the 4 bases of DNA (A, G, C, T) specifying which RNA nucleotides will be added (U is added when the template DNA nitrogen base is A).

This process of DNA-directed protein synthesis occurs in two stages: 1) transcription (messenger RNA synthesis: copying the genetic information from DNA to RNA) and 2) translation (polypeptide synthesis: using the genetic information in RNA to make a specific chain of amino acids).

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The researchers, led by computational biologist of Cornell University, in collaboration with from Bar-Ilan University, study a virus-fighting family of human enzymes called APOBECs. During periods when DNA unzips into two single strands—when it has been damaged, is in the process of being copied, or is being transcribed into RNA—the APOBEC enzymes seek out bits of viral DNA. They then systematically strafe the viral DNA—typically swapping many instances of one DNA base for another—in order to neutralize pathogens lurking within the host genome.

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The organic compounds deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and ribonucleic acid (RNA) are the basis of hereditary, and can be found in the cells of all prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Both nucleic acids are structured as a strand of repeating units referred to as monomers, or better known as nucleotides.

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Keep in mind that the fast pace of modern life, high stress, poor diet, junk foods, drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse, pollution, and various negative lifestyle factors common in our time hasten the breakdown of our DNA, RNA, and immune systems, creating an unnecessary vulnerability to disease and breakdown. We are capable of breaking down the body faster than it can be built up with nutritious foods and powerful food supplements such as chlorella.

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The nucleotides consist of three components a pentose sugar, a phosphate ester group, and a base. The sugar component of the nucleic acids accounts for one of the main differences between the two. DNA includes the sugar deoxyribose, which has one less oxygen atom than ribose the sugar found in RNA, hence the name deoxy-. The sugar component is then attached to phosphate groups which together make up the backbone of the nucleic acid. The base component attached to the sugar is branched off the nucleotide chain and is composed of either a purine or pyrimidine. The purines are double ringed units called guanine and adenine. The pyrimidines are single ringed units called cytosine, thymine, or uracil.

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The latest research by Dr. Minchinori of Japan has reported levels of 10 percent RNA and 3 percent DNA in chlorella. This means chlorella is 17 times higher in RNA than canned sardines. The same long-life factors we find in certain foods are highest in chlorella.

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The pyrimidine bases are another difference between RNA and DNA with DNA having the bases cytosine and thymine and RNA having the bases cytosine and uracil; therefore a difference between the uracil and the thymine. The combinations, or sequence of the bases arranged along the nucleic acid strand are unique for every gene and can be thousands of nucleotides long therefore the number of possible combinations is limitless.

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Another major difference between DNA and RNA is the difference in their molecular structures. RNA is a single stranded polynucleotide chain, and DNA is double stranded chain. The DNA nucleotide strands wind around each other in what is called a double helix which is held together by hydrogen bonds between the bases. The two strands of the helix are complementary meaning the bases are not aligned identical on each strand but, in a certain pattern. The single ring purine base will only pair with a double ring pyrimidine base which allows for the structure to be helical by having a fixed interchain distance. Another reason for the helical structure is that the molar amounts of the paired bases are equal; therefore guanine will only pair with cytosine, and adenine with thymine.

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Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is a special extract of the micro-algae chlorella. It is a special compound which is dissolved in hot water, called "chlorella soup." It is mostly from the cell nucleus of chlorella, a concentration of DNA and RNA.

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DNA replication, transcription, and translation allows for transmission of genetic information to new cells. Replication involves the separation of the DNA double helix in which each parent strand serves as a template for nucleotide bases to pair with creating a new complimentary strand. After completion of replication two new double helixes are formed from the original one. Therefore after a cell divides each daughter cell gets a DNA molecule carrying information form the parent cell. The process of transcription in which proteins are synthesized is similar to the replication process. The information in a DNA molecule is copied into a molecule of messenger RNA which can then be carried out of the cell nucleus into other parts of the cell. The information carried in the messenger RNA allows for the production of a specific protein through translation. Translation occurs when messenger RNA is attached to ribosomes in the cell. During translation the mRNA is read as a sequence of codons which include three bases. Each codon specifies a specific amino acid to be added to a polypeptide chain. An example of the formation of an amino acid is the codon with bases UGG which would produce the amino acid Tryptophan.

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