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Hybrid vehicles offer benefits of advance fuel cells as well as wind and solar power. Some of the companies have started using lithium technology that support in producing plug-in hybrid vehicles. The conversion of hybrid to pug-in hybrid makes the vehicle run only on electricity at lower speed- up to forty miles per hour- at a full-charged battery. Moreover, plug-in hybrids have also proved to be more fuel-efficient. (Boschert 114-121) Another significant benefit of hybrid vehicles compared with gas powered vehicle is the maintenance cost factor. It is easy to maintain similar to other normal vehicles. Success of any vehicle is mainly dependent on wide availability and easy handling by the mechanics. In other areas like oil changing, hybrid vehicles are also cost effective requiring oil change after a longer period than other vehicles. Batteries and motors are comparatively more efficient in the overall life of the vehicle. As claimed by the automobile companies, hybrid vehicles require less maintenance in the long run compared with other gas powered vehicles. Due to its regenerative braking, the brake pads have relatively long life than gas powered vehicles. (Yost 77-91)

26 Aug 2013 The amazing Electric Car Persuasive Essay success of the Tesla model S proves that electric cars may have a chance of replacing liquid fueled vehicles in the long run.

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hai lizplease suggest what type of essay is the below mentioned one.

Some hybrids, like the Honda Insight, have conventional transmissions.

Unfortunately, you are being tested on your ideas and your ability to connect them to the essay question. So, if you don’t have enough ideas, it will be a problem. However, don’t forget that you only need to two main ideas in order to have two body paragraphs. Also, you must remember that there are rarely new topics in IELTS writing task 2. They are nearly all the same topics but the essay questions are just phrased differently so that you approach it in a different way. This means that if you prepare all the common topics, you should be ok:

For that question you need to look at the essay question carefully. “People in both developed and developing countries are becoming richer” – this is the situation. “Studies show that the poorer citizens are happier while richer ones are not so happy” – this is also a description of a situation. It puts developed countries and underdeveloped countries together. This essay is actually about why poor people are happier than rich people.

Essay on Why Hybrid Vehicles Are Better Than Gas

If the essay question is “These days people seem to be less trusting of news. What is your opinion? What are the criteria to be a good journalist?”, you will need to answer the questions. Question 1 requires your opinion on the statement given and question two requires you to give the criteria of a good journalist – this last question is directly asking what you think are the criteria.

Anderson, Curtis Electric and Hybrid Cars: A History McFarland & Company, 2004, p. 134-45

Efforts have been made in the paper to make a comparative analysis between benefits provided by hybrid against gas powered vehicles. A hybrid is a fuel efficient vehicle having two motors- one a gasoline powered motor and the other electric motor. It is evident from the analysis made in the paper that hybrid vehicles offer more benefits in maintenance, are cost-effective, and most importantly environmental-friendly.

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Why Hybrids Vehicles Are Better Than Gas Introduction

The Most Cost-Effective Hybrid Cars - Forbes

Safety and security is yet another critical issue that is tackled more effectively in hybrid vehicles compared with gas powered vehicles. As already discussed, hybrid vehicles provides a delicate, yet the best combination of normal car with electric cars. Hybrid electric vehicles are as safe as other vehicles, offer more reliability and comfort. Spending just extra money at the time of purchase stage means more cost saving at the post-purchase stage supported with high standards of performance and more importantly safety. (Nerad, 201-205)

315 Words Essay on Save Fuel for the Future

Honda has already produced both the Honda Civic and Honda Insight, Toyota makes the Prius, by 2005 Ford will have the first hybrid SUV (The Escape), by 2007 General Motors hopes to have a full line of vehicle types, and even Lexus and Daimler-Chrysler have vehicles coming out soon. While, its impossible to know whether or not hybrids will become completely mainstreamed, great strides are being taken to produce more "user-friendly" versions. Currently only available with small four-cylinder engines, manufactures are making larger, more powerful engines; although gas mileage and subsequent emission benefits will be decreased somewhat. Hydrogen power, and other new sources could be implemented soon as well. And, the cars should become more affordable and more easily fixed every year as we improve upon this new technology. Should you get a Hybrid?

The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid has an EPA rated range of 47 ..

Yet, in California, you can get a tax refund that will reimburse you for the $1,000 to $2,000 cost. While, hybrid cars may not be nearly as powerful (and arguably as stylish) as the sportier cars found today, there are obvious benefits. But, the cars should get better as the government takes a more proactive role in working with car manufactures to design and build hybrid vehicles and as more manufactures take part.

An Expert Essay Sample On Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars

26 Jul 2016 Persuasive essay sample about Electric Car Essay electric cars: The world is changing quickly, and what looked like a science-fiction fantasy is gradually

Environmental Benefits of Hybrid Cars Meredithe Brown January ..

In addition to environmental-friendly vehicles, they offer better fuel efficiency. They are just similar to other normal vehicles with enough space for everyone including people and pets. The fuel efficiency in hybrid vehicle compared with the gas powered vehicle is accomplished through technological advancements in the areas of weight reduction and aero dynamics. This will eventually results in reduction of gas engine meaning more mileage. A significant benefit of hybrid is the cost-effectiveness. Although the initial price of vehicle is comparatively high, yet there are specific benefits in the consumption stage that counterbalance its initial high cost, rather proves to be more cost-effective in the long-run. (Nerad, 201-205)

The next five hybrid vehicles all have several features that are ..

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