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Commenter: MamaGee
My opinion is that the majority of people just don't care about throw away children and youth, because the financial cost of caring would and should mainly fall onto state and federal government, that where the criminal code becomes nul and void to suit off-loading of public services onto the public sector which in most part falls under the category of not caring. In other words, people don't care and if the government doesn't care why should anyone else outside of a few individuals and/or community groups..?

Consequently, even when people do try to care and further try to take action right in the trenches, someone in upper political power prevent any positive movement via police interference because a political agenda is more important than saving children and their lives. Why get homeless people involved when in the real world it's more politically profitable to criminalize the act of poverty 9the poor), than it is to reverse the effect of poverty itself..? Someone needs to make a living wage paycheck and a disenfranchised youth isn't it.

So, your damned if you do and damned if you don't but at the end of the day tricks get rewarded for being scum, while people play dumb. Finally, don't even get me started on pimps never mind pop corn pimps.

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The Depravity of Child Prostitution Essay.

Child Prostitution In Asia Essay - 742 Words | Bartleby

And through out the issues, you have to make your original arguments on research issues that provided in 19th century's child prostitution.
-I will send some my previous essays so you can read it and try to write smilar to my previous essay.

Commenter: Big Daddy
Good program, nice idea, fantastic topic, but I felt strongly that the point was missed and that the programs in effect are weak bandaids. There was acknowledgement but very little followup of what I feel is the real problem. Yes, we agree that the majority of these prostitutes are sexually molested as children, at home, by family. But where was the discussion, the programs, the education the prosecution, the EXECUTION, the HELP for kids around this core part of the problem? Why aren't these kids educated in elementary school about inappropriate touching? Why aren't they medically examined? Why aren't they encouraged to come forward, get therapy, name their abusers? Why aren't those abusers sought out, investigated, prosecuted and incarcerated or executed? Why isn't that the spearhead of the campaign to TRULY end child prostitution? I've heard from many of these kids the same argument 'I'm getting molested at home anyway, have been for years, it's about time I got paid for it!' These programs are bandaids at the end of a long chain of abuse. Where is the solution to nip it in the bud at the beginning? Nothing will change with such narrow, short-sighted thinking and planning.

Child Prostitution (Montgomery) Essay - 636 Words | Majortests

Third paragraph- In this paragraph articulate the ways the problem of child protitution in Mexico can be resolved or minimised and measures the government of Mexico can do to dimish the prevelance of child prostitution. Express what child rights organizations in Mexico are doing to tackle this problem and what role can the soeciety/ community play to resolve this problem.

Free Essay: Of course the main reason for the child prostitution in Asia is poverty

Commenter: Mikkisha
John, I understand how you feel about your name since my name is considered "ethnic" in society and seen as "ghetto". John should be a respected name and "ethnic" names like mine should be respected and not shunned or make a mockery of. As for the child prostitution, I wish those young girls had more opportunities and the pimps and clients were brought to justice more frequently.

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Child Prostitution In Mexico – Usa Online Essays

Child prostitution Free Essay, Term Paper and Book …

Commenter: jessica
The question,"Who deserves greater punishment prostitutes or their clients?" I believe they both need to be tried with great severity. The women should not be selling themselves and men should not purchase them. Plus to me it sends a bad message to our children that this kind of behavior is ok. Predators are also out their stalking these women. i belive that our government needs get of their butts and put a stop to this once and for all.

Child Prostitution In Mexico | Assignment Essays

Commenter: Bob Marley
The survey above is idiotic.

"Who deserves greater punishment -- prostitutes or their clients?"

This is dumb. It's the pimp, the criminal organization supporting the pimp, and especially the rich boss never getting his finger dirty and living in a palace.

In almost any city the street gangs are handling the prostitution and are forced to work for the higher powers. need I name them ?

The government know where they are and never do a thing. Always try to gather evidences.

In wartime we get martial law. Why can't we get a special anti crime law effective 24/7 targeting solely known members of criminal organization and waiving their rights, and allowing the use of extreme force ? Don't we have an army to deal with those problems ?

I'm not concerned with petty thieves and ordinary robery. I'm concerned with the organisation dealing in slavery and child prostitution.

This need to be hit at two level. At the top you trash the criminal organization, or force them to reform to acceptable activities (gambling, whatever, maybe even start a business, they can't all be homicidal maniacs without skills).

At the bottom poverty must be eliminated by ensuring poor peoples got a shelter, something to eat and a chance at education

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