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The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence Essays

JAIR (ISSN 1076 - 9757) covers all areas of artificial intelligence (AI), publishing refereed research articles, survey articles, and technical notes. Established in 1993 as one of the first scientific journals on the Web, JAIR is indexed by , , and . JAIR reviews papers within approximately three months of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. JAIR is an journal and articles are published for free distribution on the internet by the . Bound volumes are available for from .

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has the potential to be extremely beneficial to humanity, but there are costs and problems that could arise as a result of it.

Read this Buzzle article for an overview of the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Essay - 1962 Words

He defines artificial intelligence as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.

As the Internet and digital systems penetrate further each day into our daily lives, concerns about artificial intelligence (AI) are intensifying. It is difficult to get exercised about connections between the “Internet of Things” and AI when the most visible indications are Siri (Apple’s digital assistant), Google translate and smart houses, but a growing number of people, including many with a reputation for peering over the horizon, are worried.

With the heavy application of artificial intelligence, humans may become overly dependent on machines, losing their mental capacities.

▸ If the control of machines goes in the wrong hands, it may cause destruction.

Ethics of artificial intelligence - Wikipedia

A month later, distinguished scientist Stephen Hawking told the BBC that he feared that the development of “full artificial intelligence” could bring an end to the human race. Not today, of course, but over time, machines could become both more intelligent and physically stronger than human beings. Last month, Microsoft founder Bill Gates joined the group, saying that he did not understand people who were not troubled by the prospect of AI escaping human control.

Thus, gaming is among the most common examples of the advantages of artificial intelligence.

Many working in this field dismiss the critics as fear mongers, or anticipating distant futures that may never materialize. That is no excuse for not being aware of the risks and working to ensure that boundaries are set, not just for research but for the application of that work. As always, the scientific communities must be alert to the dangers and working to instill cultures of safety and ethics. We need to be genuinely intelligent about how humankind anticipates artificial intelligence.

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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence :: Technology Essays

Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence Essay

As in case of any other field, repetitive or time-consuming tasks can be managed through the application of artificial intelligence.

Robotic pets can help patients with depression and also keep them active.

Robotic radiosurgery helps achieve precision in the radiation given to tumors, thus reducing the damage to surrounding tissues.

▸ The greatest advantage of artificial intelligence is that machines do not require sleep or breaks, and are able to function without stopping.

Ethics of artificial intelligence essay - Virtual Web Wales

They can adjust their parameters such as their speed and time, and be made to act quickly, unaffected by factors that affect humans.

▸ When we play a computer game or operate a computer-controlled bot, we are in fact interacting with artificial intelligence.

The Ethics of Artificial Life Essay - 1971 Words | Bartleby

This is not the case with machines with artificial intelligence.

▸ Artificial intelligence can be utilized in carrying out repetitive and time-consuming tasks efficiently.

▸ Intelligent machines can be employed to do certain dangerous tasks.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Essay 2537 Words | 11 Pages

Procedures to restore lost code or data may be time-consuming and costly.

▸ An important concern regarding the application of artificial intelligence is about ethics and moral values.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Thus, we see that artificial intelligence has made daily life a lot easier.

Fraud detection in smart card-based systems is possible with the use of AI.

artificial intelligence research papers 2015 - …

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has the potential to be extremely beneficial to humanity, but there are costs and problems that could arise as a result of it....

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 - Wait But Why

Applications like Siri that act as personal assistants, GPS and Maps applications that give users the best or the shortest routes to take as well as the traffic and time estimates to reach there, use artificial intelligence.

Weighing in on the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

This journal contains information on theoretical or empirical studies in artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, jurisprudence, linguistics, or philosophy that address the development of formal or computational models of legal knowledge, reasoning, and decision making. It also includes in-depth studies of innovative artificial intelligence systems that are being used in the legal domain as well as gives space to studies that address the ethical and social implications of the field of artificial intelligence and law.

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