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Page 2 A Feminist Perspective on Hester in the Scarlet Letter Essay

This 6 page paper analysis the character of Arthur Dimmesdale, a priest in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter'. His weakness and guilt are discussed, along with his conflict between the church and his love for Hester and Pearl. Hawthorne's own background is also considered in attempting to understand the story's message. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

A 7 page analytic essay that examines the symbolism of the scarlet 'A' in Hawthorne's classic. Explored in the paper is the symbolism the Puritan elders intended the letter tocontain, the effect the scarlet letter had on the life of Hester Prynne, and the change in the symbolism resulting from the good deeds and silent endurance of Prynne. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Essay - How is Hester Prynne A Transcendentalist

Hester Prynne, Feminist Heroine? - National Review

- Hester Prynne and Dimmesdale essays examine the main characters of the Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne.

In the space of a few years, she became America's female intellectual prophet, challenging the whole "masculine"-"feminine" dichotomy on which the official gender culture was based. The life of Margaret Fuller was the kind of life that Hester Prynne dreamed of living. Given her situation, however, she deemed the revolution of society, and the revolution of woman's place in that society "a hopeless task before her." [13].

A 6 page essay that discusses Nathaniel Hawthorne's nineteenth century novel The Scarlet Letter, which draws on his Puritan heritage, as it is set around the middle of the seventeenth century. The plot of the novel has tremendous psychological depth and complexity. Therefore, it can be analyzed from a variety of critical perspectives. This examination of The Scarlet Letter discusses the novel from a feminist, psychological and historical perspective. While these views of the novel are all different, consideration of each one adds a dimension to understanding the novel that gives a reader insight into the author's purpose, as well as the relevancy of the novel to contemporary society. No additional sources cited.

Hester Prynne, Feminist Heroine

This 2 page essay discusses the private and public nature of suffering in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, focusing on the 3 major characters, Hester Prynne, Roger Chillingworth and Arthur Dimmesdale. Only the book is cited.

- Hester Prynne and Dimmesdale essays examine the main characters of the Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne.

So, is there a link between these two women? Hester is a fictional character, from a novel set in seventeenth-century Puritan New England who is shunned from her community as punishment for her adulterous crime/sin. Margaret Fuller was a highly educated writer and critic who played an important role in the American Renaissance in literature and to mid-nineteenth century reform movements. The similarities are not initially apparent, so it is necessary to take a closer look at these two women. The purpose of the central part of this essay is to determine how far Hester Prynne is as much a woman of mid-nineteenth century American culture as she is of seventeenth-century Puritan New England. How far ahead of her time were her actions?

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Hester Prynne as a Feminist in Nathaniel Hawthorne's …

Is Hester Prynne a feminist? | Yahoo Answers

In the statement which forms the sub-title of this essay, it is said that Hester Prynne, in certain respects, is endowed with the sensibility of Margaret Fuller. A definition of the word "sensibility" may be useful in our understanding of the question: "Sensibility: 1a) Openness to emotional impressions, susceptibility, sensitiveness (sensibility to kindness) b) An exceptional or excessive degree of this. 2a) Emotional capacities or feelings b) a person's moral, emotional, or aesthetic ideas or standards (NB It does not mean "possession of common sense, reasonableness.)" [3]. We know that Hester possesses these qualities because they are displayed in her kind deeds, for example, we are told that

Elliotbiotech - Hester Prynne Essays

Hester Prynne is the protagonist of Nathaniel Hawthorne's romantic novel, The Scarlet Letter, which is set in seventeenth-century Puritan New England. As a young woman, Hester married an elderly scholar, Roger Chillingworth, who sent her ahead to America to live but never followed. While waiting for him, she had an affair with a Puritan minister named Dimmesdale, after which she gave birth to Pearl. Found guilty of adultery (through the absence of her husband and the birth of Pearl), Hester is punished by being forced to wear a scarlet letter 'A' (which stands for Adultery) on her bosom for the rest of her life. This transforms Hester into "a living sermon against sin" [2]. Hester is immediately ostracised from the stern community and endures years of shame, scorn and loneliness. Hester is passionate but also strong and equals both her husband and her lover in her intelligence and thoughtfulness. Her alienation puts her in the position to make acute observations about her community, particularly about its treatment of women.

Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne Character Analysis Essay …

A 5 page research paper describing the Scarlet Letter from a feminist viewpoint. The writer discusses how the Scarlet Letter reflects the stereotype of women as either good or evil, and how its reflected in the main character of Hester Prynne. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Department of hester prynne feminist essay my best friend essay

Herzog's essay dealt with the idea that Hester is both wild and passionate, as well as, caring, conservative, and alien.
Towards Hester Prynne, by David Reynolds, expressed Hester as a heroine composed of many different stereotypes of females from the time period Hawthorne was writing.

How is Hester Prynne a feminist figure

Hester Prynne shows this defiant characteristic when Governor Bellingham tells her that it would be in Pearl's best interests if she were to be taken away from her mother, "clad soberly" and "disciplined strictly". She protests passionately, declaring: "Ye shall not take her! I will die first!" [21]. Up until this point, Hester has accepted the punishment chosen for her, but to take Pearl away would be crossing the line, and Hester stands up for herself and her belief that Pearl would be better off with her mother, and indeed, that she, Hester would be better off with Pearl ("Had they taken her from me, I would willingly have gone with thee into the forest, and signed my name in the Black Man's book." [22]

Hester Prynne as a Feminist in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The ..

I believe that Hester Prynne is as much a woman of mid-nineteenth century American culture as she is of seventeenth-century Puritan New England. If she had not been repressed by the stringent society in which she lived, then the world could truly have been her oyster. Of course, the question of what she could have accomplished had she lived in a different era is an impossible one, but there are signs throughout the novel that Hester's ideas for social reform are far ahead of her own time. We empathise with the tragedy of her situation, but at the same time, it would be possible to say that Hester is the prophetess she aspired to be, and it is she who is speaking words of her unworthiness, not Hawthorne. The motif that suffering converted into insight can indeed ennoble and make one wiser is recurrent in Hawthorne's works. Despite their different backgrounds, Hester Prynne and Margaret Fuller seem to have had similar characters. Both suffered alienation during their lifetimes, and both realised injustices in society as a result of this isolation. The main difference between them was that Margaret Fuller had the opportunity to express her ideas, i.e. she had a voice in her society, whereas Hester, a woman stained by sin, had no chance of becoming a prophetess in the eyes of her village.

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