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Is the threat of global warming real.

The solutions above offer the outline of a plan to personally avoid contributing to global warming. But should such individual and national efforts fail, there is another, potentially desperate solution:

All may have unintended consequences, making the solution worse than the original problem. But it is clear that at least some form of geoengineering will likely be required: before it is released and storing it in some fashion, either deep beneath the earth, at the bottom of the ocean or in carbonate minerals. Such carbon capture and storage is critical to any serious effort to combat climate change.

Global warming is widely believed to be the main cause of rising average global temperatures.

That problem goes by the name of global warming.

In reality, global warming isn't really all what it has been exaggerated to be.

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Global warming is a long term used to reference “a large increase in the Earth’s average surface tem temperature that results in large changes in climate.” Differences in “solar radiation, atmospheric chemistry, and oceanic and atmospheric circulation resulted in global climate changes.” Many human activities contribute to the much of the...

The phrase Global Warming has specific meaning.

However, regardless of the current increase in the level of carbon dioxide, previous studies indicate that the current rate of global warming is lower in comparison to the historical data recorded for 450,000 years....

Global warming has become a threat to everything and everyone on Earth.

The rise in global surface air temperature causes frequent droughts in dry areas and accelerated ocean warming and hence the rapid increase in sea levels and melting of the polar ice caps....

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Bush in 2000, Gore focused his full attention back on global warming.

Being a “global warming agnostic” I enjoyed it. Well done!

Franke – a wonderful and poignant story for one who grew up happily in the snows of Alberta’s mountains and now, living in the Bay Area of California, misses a real winter. An evocative rumination on something that is part of the essence of being a Canadian, which can be seen from a new angle once one has moved away. Many of us love the beauty of snow and the games of winter weather, but who doesn’t tire quickly of the drive to work in ice and sleet side of the season? It seems we love snow, but want to love it on our own terms. And this year, the old Mother Nature has pulled a fast one – as mentioned above, California has had its lemons, oranges and avocados frozen to a fare-thee-well this year. The so-called global warming is creating a lot of hardship amongst small and large fruit farmers. The weather it is a changing, but it is not clear which way the wind will blow. Remember to send us some pineapples from the soon-to-appear orchards of the Don River Valley, if this year’s change becomes a pattern.

This is the question of global warming.

Did you know that it has been so warm lately that settlements in Greenland that have been frozen for eight centuries are starting to be uncovered? Imagine if the warming gets worse. Will we be back in the cycle to 11th century weather? Global Warming is a very complex problem — but one solution is for the world community to lobby China and India to stop burning dirty coal, and emitting methane from rice paddies. Canada should raise the price of gas to $2.00 a litre and give a corresponding tax break to people who earn less than $30,000. If Canada follows the Kyoto Accord we’ll just be shipping jobs over to China — and they’ll have no problem burning more coal.

I say this: global warming isn’t all it’s made out to be.

They do this to turn public attention away from the fact that much of their data is purposely taken out of context, manipulated, or made up in order to prove that Manmade Global Warming exists.


The topic for this speech will be whether or not there is an imminent threat of Anthropogenic (or manmade global warming) at the end of my speech I would like the audience to develop the truce perspective on the issues of manmade global warming.

Global warming is sometimes referred to as the greenhouse effect.

After researching many sites, such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), University studies, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) studies, Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), and more, global warming is very complicated.

Global warming is a serious issue in today?s society.

I loved the photographs. I wish I had photographed my spring flowers starting to bloom in January. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Global warming is here and the question is do we care enough to do anything about it? I’m not talking about the government: I’m talking about the individual. Choose not to drive. Walk and we’ll all be healthier for it. Joanne Mills

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