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Neither has anyone been able to prove that descendants of refugees from communities in Khazaria, Kiev, Crimea, or elsewhere to the east constituted more than a token demographic or cultural presence in the vast pool of Polish Jewry."Samuel A.

Our policies on boat people, either turning them back or allowing them in, are like proscribing aspirin to someone with malaria; its treating the symptom and not the problem. And while it may make you feel better for a short interval symptomatic treatment makes the problem worse. Refusing entry to asylum seekers has created trauma, led to the death or imprisonment of some, exploitation of those who enter a country illegally and will not stop the thriving trade in people smugglers. Accepting them has created civil wars in Jordan and Lebanon, the rise of right wing extremest groups in Europe and encouraged the persecution of religious or ethnic minorities in the belief that they can find refuge status in another country.

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Committee for Refugees states that this harsh law has made it easy for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S....

During 1994, Rwandan refugees flooded into Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania to escape the genocide and terror in their country. In 1979, when the Afghanis fled to Iran and Pakistan. Today, refugees from Iraq migrate to Syria or Jordan.

Thus, while the world's largest source countries for refugees include Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sierra Leone, some of the countries hosting the most refugees include countries like Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Iran, and Guinea. Approximately 70% of the world refugee population is in Africa and the .

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I came into Jordan last December through the camps. I’ve been working for nearly five months as a volunteer with the UNHCR [the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees], helping the Jordanian brothers in organizing the line and distributing numbers and helping them out. We help the Jordanians in helping the Syrians. It’s difficult with the heat. We have humanitarian cases and we get them in quicker, but you see how it is here. People are coming to wait in line at 6 a.m.

These migrants could be seen as economic refugees because they are often unable to feed their families and must immigrate for work opportunities....

That link from wikipedia is kind of useless, it doesn’t provide a time frame and it doesn’t say if the refugees are in coming or out going. It could be total refugees for the last 50 years, it doesn’t say. If it’s current. I find it difficult to believe that 1.2 million people sort asylum in Syria a country with civil war (more likely they were leaving). If it’s meant to be outgoing I find it difficult to believe 21,000 people became refugees escaping Australia. It makes no sense at all.

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Indeed, providing sanctuary to refugees, who would otherwise experience significant hardship ranging from blatant discrimination and racism to torture and genocide, has very much become an institutionalized aspect of Canadian society....

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Indeed, providing sanctuary to refugees who would otherwise experience significant hardships ranging from blatant discrimination and racism to torture and genocide, has very much become an institutionalized aspect of Canadian society....

Psychosocial Issues of Immigrants and Refugees

The number of persons who have fled the violence – both refugees and migrants – has dramatically increased; it is estimated that over half a million Syrians have sought refuge in neighboring states.

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For this reason, the authors of Escape From Violence: Conflict and the Refugee Crisis in the Developing World, attempt to provide a more realistic theoretical framework of refugee trends in order to prescribe ways in which the developed world can help alleviate the problem.

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Community fear about Australia’s border seem easily triggered, which has prompted the term ‘paranoid nationalism’ to be used to describe the heightened refugee politics of the Howard years linked to discrimination and maltreatment of asylum seekers which still lives on today (Westoby & Ingamells, 2010)....

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On the other hand, we had a lot of immigrants flying from communism in asia and these Asian people is all integrated, they work, pay taxes and obey the law. The unemployment rate withing the asian community is actually lower then the with the swedish because they are starting more small business. 80% our of refugees from the middle east is on welfare, and it doesn’t appear that they want to work.

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These Bhutanese refugees arrived in Nepal and were forced to setting into camps set up by the . As many as 100,000 Bhutanese refugees were in the camps by 1996. The governments of Nepal and Bhutan have been unable to come to any agreement as far as repatriation, leaving these Bhutanese refugees in a state of limbo. Beginning in 2008, the UN has made efforts to resettle these refugees in the West, and many of the Lhotshampa have immigrated to the , , and Canada. Nepal has never accepted any of these refugees into its own population, carefully restricting the refugees in that nation.

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The 1988 census was prompted by mass waves of illegal immigration into Bhutan during the 1980s. These Lhotsampa retained their Nepali , which the Bhutan government perceived as a threat. Following the census, Bhutan attempted to force Bhutanese culture in order to force . Anti-government protests in the early 1990s led to several thousand refugees fleeing Bhutan.

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