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Tree and Shrub Expert: (USA) - - ()

Lugging heavy books around is hardly a practical solution - so these new pocket-sized guides to trees and shrubs, flowers and garden troubles are just what you need.

One of the world's best selling authors, Dr Hessayon's 'Expert' guides to gardening are an indispensable reference point for gardeners both new and experienced. His tiles include, The Greenhouse Expert, Bedding Plant Expert ? Container ? Fruit ?.Lawn?Rock & Water garden and many more. The range of titles, all covering a different aspect or style of gardening in-depth, is excellent as it means you can pick and choose the titles releveant to your own gardening needs. The books are well laid out and easy to follow. Step-by-step instructions and diagrams keep it simple. The information is vast yet concise - everything from plant species to pests is dealt with, all categorized into easy to find sections without unnecessary waffle. The important points are often laid out in bulleted lists making it a very easy read and helping to make the points memorable which aides learning. Look out for his new, up-dated expert guides - these contain information on recent gardening developments including new plant species and the increasing interest in organic gardening. I doubt any gardening book will ever surpass Dr Hessayon's series for ease of use and information. The best present you can buy a budding gardener! Dr Hessayon's Expert books will see you through an entire gardening lifetime.

The Tree & Shrub Expert [D.G

The New Tree & Shrub Expert by Dr D G Hessayon

30/06/1983 · The Tree & Shrub Expert has 49 ratings and 4 reviews

I've loved gardening since I had my first ever window sized plot years ago, and swear by Dr D.G. Hessayon 'Expert Guide' books. There are loads in the series from 'Flower Expert' to 'Rock and Water Garden Expert.' They are packed with information (unlike a lot of the hardbacks that often have full page glossy pictures of an aster or something to fill up the space.) The description of each plant, with a photo and close up of flowers and foliage is very detailed and there are lots of useful tips like how large the plant will grow, the soil they like and how to propogate etc. I've read plenty of other gardening books in the past, but I always come back to these because they cut out the nonsense and just give me the facts that I want. I'd recommend them to anyone! Oh, and there's a 'Home Expert' in the series too, just in case it rains!

Dr. Hessayon's books are extremely effective - even I grew up with them! My dad swears by the information in these books, and not being a person who likes to make life hard for herself, I went out and bought a few of my own once I got a garden that I wanted to take care of. I have the Rose Expert, the House Plant Expert, the Indoor Plant Spotter (sadly no anorak included) and the Flower Expert. And to make it easier, the latter is the one I will concentrate on. This book is broken down into 11 chapters:- 1. Flowers in the garden (choosing the right type) 2. Annuals and Biennials (Acroclinium - Zinnia) 3. Border Perennials (Acanthus - Viola) 4. Increasing your stock (seed sowing, division, cuttings) 5. Rockery Perennials (Acaena - Waldsteinia) 6. Bulbs (Acidanthera - Tulipa) 7. Flower Care (buying, planting, hoeing and weeding, cutting, watering, dead-heading, mulching, cutting back, renovating, staking, winter care and feeding). 8. Hobby Plants (Chrysanthemum - Pelargonium) 9. Flower growers dictionary 10. Plant Troubles 11. Plant Index The layout of the information is clear, written in recognisable English and explains itself along side illustrations and understandable diagrams. The actual information on the flowers is set out alphabetically by their formal name with a photographs of the plant, plus a close up drawing of the actual flower heads. Then you have a short paragraph with descriptions and handy information about that particular flower, a list of varities showing colours and names, the best site and soil for the plant to flourish in, the best times to plant them, followed by how to propogate them. (All you need now is for the old man to get out and do the actual hard work for you and you're laughing!) Every now and again there will be a 'Flowers For Every Season' section which
shows the plants that will come into flower every month throughout the year, to ensure that there's always something interesting to look at in the garden. I like the way that the information is written in these books. It's simple and clear and you don't need a degree in Latin (at which point Caecilius in horto labore pops pointlessly into my brain. My latin teacher would be impressed..) to either read or pronounce the flower names. Alongside their proper titles is the name plants are more commonly known by ie, Nigella - Love-in-a-mist, Papaver - Poppy, Petunia - Petunia .. you get the idea. Words that would have evaded you are now fully explained in the dictionary at the back of the book. Words like Inflorescence, Pistil and Leaching (which I always thought was what Pervy Fred the office pest did from behind the filing cabinets) will be clouded in mystery no more. Plus all those niggling little problems like your tubers rotting, holes in your plant leaves and stem troubles are potentially solved with drawings of the sick plant (and some really do look quite tragic) with an explanatory paragraph next to it. I bought mine from the local garden centre and paid £5 average per book, although this was more than 3 years ago so prices may have changed. An almost foolproof way to bond with your garden. Highly recommended.

The Tree and Shrub Expert by Hessayon D G - AbeBooks

I am building a nice little guide of Dr.D.G Hessayon series of garden books.

Yesterday I brought "The Tree & Shrub Expert" and although I paid the £7.99p at a shop, I found I could have got it at Amazon for £5.75 plus post and package which should save me a few pence. In future I shall have to look at their little offers.

It was only a spur of the moment thing and although I could have looked at the Garden Forum on the internet, it saves turning on the computer anyway unless you have one of these fancy computer mobiles.

The books are clearly illustrated and easy to understand although not every shrub or tree is illustrated or described, it give firsthand knowledge which will give a short reference and how to care as well as preparing, planting, feeding and pest control.

You don't have to be a great gardening buff or think you know it all. There is always something that will be better. However these colourful little books are a great reference library, without having to lug out a great big encyclopaedia.

The Pocket Tree and Shrub Expert (Pocket Expert) by D

"Anyone with an interest in trees and shrubs will want a copy of this book" Amateur Gardening "Superbly illustrated and incredibly good" Sunday Mirror "Manages to pack into 150 pages enough information to fill an encyclopaedia" Daily Telegraph "If there were such a thing as a Top Ten chart for value-for-money gardening books, this one would be up with the leaders" Garden News

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New Tree & Shrub Expert: Dr D G Hessayon - Rahva …

The Tree & Shrub Expert by D. G. Hessayon | Waterstones

25 Jan 2016 H040, The Tree Book, Shrubs and Trees, J Edward Milner, Collins & Brown . P006, The Rose Expert, Roses, Dr D G Hessayon, Expert Books. Top 15 Best Gardening Books | Mill Race Garden Centre Blog Look, we're not obsessed with Dr D. G. Hessayon – but he really does write have room for lovely trees and shrubs in your garden, The Tree & Shrub Expert is Brian's Bookshelf - Nature - The Imaginatorium Dr. D. G. Hessayon: "The Tree and Shrub Expert" pub. "pbi PUBLICATIONS", 1983. Despite the publisher's wonky capitalisation, and the slightly odd use of Going to the dogs » Dr. D. G. Hessayon, I presume? - Martyn Cox 15 Mar 2010 It was The Indoor Plant Spotter by Dr. D.G. Hessayon, which I Plant Expert, followed by The Tree & Shrub Expert and then many others. Recommended Reading List July 2016 - nafas Contemporary Floral Design 2004. Dr Christina Curtis/Daphne/John Vagg for NAFAS. The Flower Arranging Expert. Dr D G Hessayon. The Tree & Shrub Expert.

The New Tree & Shrub Expert : D. G. Hessayon - Book …

Spongberg, Stephen: "A Reunion of Trees - The discovery of exotic plants and their introduction into North American and European landscapes", pub. Harvard University Press, 1990, 270 pp large format (22x28 cm)

The New Tree & Shrub Expert by D. G. Hessayon - …

Despite the publisher's wonky capitalisation, and the slightly odd use of Hessayon's "Dr." handle, this is a very useful book. It's one of an inexpensive series of "Expert" titles, mostly relating to gardening. It's clearly laid out, in four main sections - shrubs, trees, climbers, and conifers - with photographs and illustrations, and some notes on planting and care.

The New Tree & Shrub Expert by D. G. Hessayon | …

The 'Expert' series of books covers everything from gardening DIY to shrubs. Unlike many other gardening books, these are thin softbacks, much easier to read than the large RHS tomes. Each book covers one subject, going over it in great detail. They are simple enough for beginners to use, I have started growing vegetables using the guidance in the Fruit and vegetables book. So to sum up, these books are comprehensive and well informed. They are easy to handle, and not hard on the pocket. A great introduction to any area of gardening.

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